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with Sam Momani

LinkedDNA Strategy for Your Success

with Erika Andrade

Pinpointing Your Competitive Sweet Spot

with Leona Kaburov

Drafting Your Key Value Proposition & Statement

with Sam Momani

Outlining Your Target Accounts

with Erika Andrade

Identifying Your Ideal Customer Personas

with Sam Momani

Leveraging Navigator’s Power

with Erika Andrade

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

with Sam Momani

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Profile

with Leona Kaburov

SEO Your LinkedIn Profiles

with Erika Andrade

Taking Stock of Digital Media Tools & Resources

with Sam Momani

Devising Your Digital Content Strategy & Plan

with Leona Kaburov

Establish Foundation for Daily Tracking & Control

with Sam Momani

Effective use of CRM/Marketing Automation Solutions

with Leona Kaburov

Drafting Intriguing Messages That Drive Responses

with Erika Andrade

Establishing Connections & Driving Engagements

with Erika Andrade

Building Your Personal Brand & Authority

with Sam Momani

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Groups Goldmine

with Leona Kaburov

Evaluating Progress & Success

with Sam Momani

Account Maintenance & Calibration Best Practices

with Leona Kaburov

DNA Holistic ABM Strategy & Sales Engagement Process

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Erika Andrade

Customer Success Officer

Erika Andrade helps business owners and individual professionals grow their business while leveraging the power of LinkedIn. As LinkedDNA’s spokesperson, she helps clients maximize the benefits of LinkedDNA. Erika is also responsible for ensuring that all of LinkedDNA’s clients’ questions are addressed timely and effectively as our Customer Success Officer.

Sam Momani

CEO And Managing Partner

As CEO of Global Technology Sales Solutions (GTSS), Sam is responsible for directing corporate strategy, driving global business development and leading the overall direction of the company’s sales, marketing and business process outsourcing and optimization products and services.

Leona Kaburov

Creative Messaging Strategy Director

Leona is the Creative Messaging Strategy Director responsible for developing creative content, training modules, and boosting client profiles with newsletter services. She has been busy consulting, providing administrative services, researching, and writing for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups for 20+ years.

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